The secret to a successful juice business is ‘Experiment’!

You have a cafe / restaurant / bar and you decide to experiment by adding something new, temporarily, to the menu.

This can be a special offer for the day / week / month and a small amount of counter space is given to promote this new idea. Attractive point of sale and display is used to enhance the effect etc.

This form of experimentation is vital to growth as it’s using the existing business as a springboard to move forward in a better direction. It’s not costing too much, so there’s more to gain than to lose.

If there is something in common with all successful people it’s the ability to have the ‘butterfly character’ and the ready acceptance to try new ideas and see which attracts the greatest sales.

To staff a boss might appear as impatient by wanting changes too quickly. However impatience is not necessarily a bad thing & having large amounts of patience can lead to simple stagnation.

Experimentation is the key to success.

This doesn’t mean a business should change constantly. It’s important your existing customer base is not driven away and core products are retained protectively. Tinkering with a company identity can be dangerous and can cause more damage than good.

In the case of a cafe / restaurant/ bar adding a small juice bar, smoothies, cold press juices, frozen yogurt or waffles etc. can complement your existing operation.

OK, these just happen to be in the Cruz product range but they are incredibly popular and adding 100% freshness to a menu and addressing the healthier lifestyle is the essence of the new market.
So experimentation is important as it can enhance your business in a new and exciting way.