Where to site a new juice and smoothie bar?

To run a successful juice bar outlet to offer juices, smoothies, frozen yogurts and health snacks, it needs to be in a location that is prominent, accessible, in a high traffic area and is going to attract the right audience.

Serving fresh natural products will attract middle-class income earners. Your customers are people who will care more about the quality of ingredients, visual appeal and consistency of the product, than the quantity or price.

It’s surprising how many potential shop owners overlook the very simple truism that passing trade has to be interested in buying in what you have to offer. Forget the idea that people will travel to you. Generally they will not. They have to be passing.

There needs to be high foot traffic at the times you need to be busy. Generally, there are up to three main trading periods during the day i.e. breakfast, lunchtime and going home time. You must be busy in at least two of these periods. Very few places can survive on trading in just one period.

When you research a location, assess foot traffic per hour during the three important periods. You will only attract a few per cent so high foot traffic is essential.

You also have to determine (which is difficult) if people are in ‘buying mode’. Look to see if they’re holding takeaway coffees or sandwich bags. Try and work out where people are going: work, dropping-off children, going home etc. Follow foot traffic flows and see where they end up.

Each bit of information will give you a piece of the story and will tell you if this passing trade will need and support your business.

At Cruz The Juice, we have many, many years of working in the juicing industry. We offer guidance and support in setting up a juice bar business. We have some excellent start-up packages which include all you will need to set up your new juicing business. Visit our website for more details or email us on info@cruzsmoothies.co.uk if you are interested in setting up a juice bar business.