Finance Options for Commercial Juicers & Coffee Machines

Buy Now Option

All our juice bar equipment & ingredient packages show a ‘buy now’ price & payment can be made by BACS or by debit / credit card.

Buy now includes delivery, starter pack (where shown) point of sale and warranty.

‘Rent to Buy’ Leasing Option

We offer rent to buy leasing over 36 x months on juice bar equipment packages costing £2k + VAT or more. The lease spreads the cost evenly over the lease period.

At the end of the term and for one month’s further rental the equipment belongs to the lessee (customer).

Equipment must be located within mainland UK at all times.

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Advantages of this option:

  • Start earning profit immediately from the juice bar equipment and literally pay-as-you-go
  • You own the equipment at the end of term for one month’s further rental
  • Save your cash for non-lease purchases and cashflow
  • Pay VAT not as one lump sum at the beginning but in smaller amounts over the complete term
  • Fixed payments allows for budgeting
  • Fully tax deductible
  • Keep equipment up to date even without a budget
  • No need to go your bank to increase your overdraft

Some of the disadvantages:

  • You are committed to paying over 36 x months and there is no option to return the equipment and to stop paying. You can pay the remaining rentals ahead of time and request a settlement figure which when paid finalises the lease agreement.
  • Rent to buy is not suitable where the tenancy agreement with the landlord is less than 36 x months. For example, informal food markets and centre aisles in shopping centres often work on weekly agreements.

Lease Proposal Form

Complete this form and we will let you know normally within 24 hours if we can offer the 'rent to buy' option.

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