Limited Special Offer – Order before Christmas 2019

Frozen Yogurt icecreamYogCruz 20 soft-serve frozen yogurt & ice cream machine – 10 month interest free offer

Investing in an ice cream soft-serve machine makes good sense for the busy cafe , restaurant & bar due to its popularity and multi-function role.

Now might seem an odd time of year but the YogCruz 20 offers a lot more than just a delicious ice cream swirled into a cone.



Look at all the different things you could be offering:-

  • Milkshakes – providing the vanilla ice cream base
  • Waffles – ice cream topping – hot waffles with vanilla ice cream
  • Sorbets – dispensing different flavoured water based sorbets
  • Frozen yogurt – topped with slices of fresh fruit or honey flavoured granola etc.
  • Frozen yogurt smoothies – smoothies taste even better with the ‘creamy’ combination of fruit & frozen yogurt
  • Ice cream – seven delicious flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, frozen yogurt , wild fruits (berries), mango and coffee

YogCruz 20 is a multi-purpose drink and dessert provider

yogcruz 20 frozen yogurt and ice cream machine

YogCruz 20 soft-serve makes 265 portions per hour.

Filling & operating is simple:

  • To fill you simply mix 2 x 2.5 litres of milk or water with 2 x 800g – 1kg bags of our high quality ingredient powder mix.
  • Pour into the hopper, switch on & start serving six minutes later at the start of the day.
  • Hopper / freezing cylinder holds 8.1 litres of product (108 portions).

YogCruz Flavours

Cruz frozen yogurt ingredient powder mixes are available in seven different exciting flavours :

vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, frozen yogurt , wild fruits (berries), mango and coffee

At the end of a busy day …

Once you have made and dispensed all the servings for the day, the remaining product can be kept up to 3 days before thorough cleaning is required.

Press the overnight mode button which holds product overnight in a chilled state ready for freezing next day. This stops ‘stressing’ of the product.

Clean the machine thoroughly at the end of the third day, as shown in our Operator’s manual and video


The Big Cruz Special Limited Offer* – interest free over 10 months

Take advantage of our Special Offer and start making sales before Christmas.  The Interest Free offer means you can spread your payment through to the end of Summer 2020.

YogCruz 20 soft-serve is £3950 + VAT. Interest free on ordering before Christmas = 10 x monthly payments of £395 + VAT (£474).

Call 01483 80 81 60 to redeem this amazing offer!

*Terms and conditions of offer

1). Limited to outlets based in the South-East of England ( Dorset, Wilts, Berks, Hants, Sussex, Surrey, London & Essex)

2). Offer to Ltd (incorporated) established companies only.

3). Orders must be placed by 17.12.19

4).All orders subject to acceptance by Cruz the juice Ltd.