Top Tips for Buying Commercial Juicing Equipment

When a customer visits a food & drink outlet they appreciate speed of service, great tasting food and being served by courteous, friendly staff.

If you run an outlet and are looking to buy juicing or smoothie equipment, remember this equation for a winning formula:

Quality equipment + quality ingredients + staff training = great taste, speedy service & happy customers

If one of these vital components is missing you may find your customers don’t return. Good reviews are the life blood of any outlet, so it is key to deliver the best possible service and great tasting products.

Deliver a positive experience and your customers will come back and will hopefully share their positive experience with others.

Tip 1

When you choose equipment base your choice in the same way your customers will view you:-

1). Taste – must impress from the first sip

2). Speed – make it convenient to buy at your outlet – a juice or smoothie needs to be made as quickly as possible – about 45 seconds or less

Tip 2

Don’t base your purchase solely on price. Test the equipment + ingredients before buying

Taste is often compromised by combining the wrong equipment with the wrong ingredients.

Lots of people tell us they juice at home using domestic equipment but they cannot achieve the taste and consistency of a Cruz fresh juice or smoothie.

Smoothie blenders and juicers from different manufacturers will produce a different taste, even when using the same fruit.

The answer is to source your equipment from a company that will allow you to see it working and taste the finished product before buying.

At Cruz The Juice we test equipment & recipes constantly to achieve the best results.

If you are just about to open an outlet or want to add freshness to your menu visit our showroom in Guildford for an amazing tasting session.

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