Boosting the immune system & the importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the healing vitamin & it helps boost the body’s defence and reduce cold type symptoms.

Everyone needs Vitamin C daily & it is present in oranges, kiwifruit, berries and many other fresh fruits and vegetables.

The importance of Vitamin C cannot be overestimated in supporting the body’s immune system.

Kuvings CS600 Cruz Cold Press Juicer

kuvings cs600 chef commercial cold press juicer

Get your daily Vitamin C with the World’s best cold press juicer £1295

Leading National Supplier of Commercial Juicers, Commercial Coffee Machines & Commercial Blenders

Where making fresh is made easy

Cruz The Juice Ltd is a leading supplier of commercial juicers, commercial coffee machines and commercial blenders.  We supply the best equipment and ingredients for making the finest cold press juices, smoothies, coffee, milkshakes, frozen yogurt & ice cream.

Every customer prefers fresh to pre-packaged because of the superior quality but for the outlet the drawback is how to achieve speed and consistency.

Cruz remove the variables by providing complete packages which include equipment, ingredients, installation, menu, training and point of sale.

Everything on our menus can be made in 40 seconds or less & with a quality & consistency difficult to achieve in any other way.

Whether you’re opening your first outlet or you are an established business we can help by passing on our knowledge gained over the last 30 years.


Cruz frozen fruit smoothies come in seven delicious flavours and are ready to use in our powerful blenders without the need for thawing. The 140g packs are mixed to recipe & deliver a perfect 12 floz smoothie every time. Delivery across England weekly.


Serve the best tasting vanilla ice cream & frozen yogurt with our Italian powder ingredients packs. Eight different flavours ranging from vanilla to frozen yogurt to mango. Packed in 800g -1kg bags. Simply mix with milk / water and pour in soft serve.


Make the perfect milkshake with our concentrated real fruit purees packed in 1kg bottles. Range of six flavours & simply blend with ice cream & milk. Easy to use with pump dispense. Long shelf life. Order by 12pm for next day delivery.


Behind every good smoothie / milkshake is a good blender. Our high performance commercial blenders improve the taste of the drink due to speed and blade technology. Pre-set programs, sound enclosure and reliability are some of the benefits.


Best commercial juicers using cold press method that result in maximum extraction with minimum oxidation. Will juice every type of fruit and vegetables with endless possibilities on juice combos. Rent to buy option available.


Serve ‘whippy’ style ice cream and frozen yogurt with our range of soft serve machines. Offer up to eight different flavours & use for toppings and making milkshakes too. Countertop models with the smallest footprint.


See our excellent range of espresso coffee machines, coffee grinders and coffee beans. A café’s popularity is rated on a few key things and none more so than its coffee. We provide install, starter pack and, importantly, training. Rent to buy option.


Waffles are popular and easy to make. Whisk waffle mix with water and cook for 2 ½ – 3 minutes. Light, crisp and delicious. Single and double makers available for the smaller & larger café. Top with whipped cream, ice cream, honey & fruit.


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