Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream

The equipment is identical for both making & serving frozen yogurt and ice cream.

There are 7 delicious flavours in the range:-
Natural Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Wild Fruits (berries), Mango & Coffee. Packed in 800g -1kg bags each giving approx. 30 x portions.

Frozen yogurt is associated with having a lower fat content than ice cream and therefore a healthier choice.

Another difference is frozen yogurt has a slight lemony taste and is often topped with slices of fresh fruit or berries, once again reinforcing the healthy side.

On our system of powder ingredients + equipment you determine fat content by choosing which milk to use with the powder mix.
For every 3.3 litres of ingredient mix, 2.5 litres is the milk portion.

Juice Bars

Cold press refers to gently squeezing the fruit or vegetable.

This method is superior as it does not aerate the juice to the extent of a centrifugal juicer.

Oxidation is the scourge of juicing as it reduces nutritional values and shelf-life.

Category: Juice Bars

Generally, fresh unpasteurised juice and smoothies will last three days chilled. For best results chill immediately between + 2C – 3C.

Pineapple juice tastes wonderful but doesn’t store well as its high enzyme level will fizz within hours.

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Variable speed and timer are a must, as it can blend more types of drinks and stop automatically when finished.

Milkshakes and ice-based drinks require slow speeds whereas blending smoothies need a faster speed.

Other features such as pre-set ‘stepped’ programmes are more blending efficient & a sound enclosure for reducing noise front-of- house.
Both features found usually in more expensive models.

Category: Juice Bars

Poorer performance and a smaller motor means domestic equipment will burn-out quickly in a busy café.

Category: Juice Bars

You can but it will push waiting times to an unacceptable level. Each drink should be made in less than a minute.

Fresh orange juice and smoothies require separate equipment and a cold press juicer should be reserved for making ‘green’ juices.

Category: Juice Bars

As a minimum: 1.2m of counterspace + nearby sink + freezer for smoothie fruit + 3 x 13amp sockets + fridge (optional).

Category: Juice Bars

To make a wide range of juices & smoothies quickly: commercial orange juicer, cold press juicer & smoothie blender.

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Cost to make one milkshake :
fruit flavouring + milk + ice cream = 53 pence / r.r.p £ 3.50
chocolate powder + milk + ice cream = 41 pence / r.r.p £ 3.50

Category: Milkshakes

We have six flavours in the range : Strawberry, Chocolate, Coconut, Berrylicious, Peach & Passion

Category: Milkshakes

We supply concentrated real fruit purees in 1kg bottles with a pump dispense.

They’re full of flavour and one pump flavours a whole milkshake.

Our chocolate (dark) is a powder packed in a 1kg tin & comes with more taste and less sugar.

To make: just mix flavouring with 200ml milk and 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend for 10 seconds on slow.

They are high quality and because they are so concentrated, very economic to use.

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Frozen fruit is ideal for making smoothies as it has ‘locked-in’ goodness and is easier to store but it needs a better blender to smooth properly.

Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are particularly good at the job.

Look for our blender + smoothie offers in Big Cruz Special Offers on the home page https://cruzsmoothies.co.uk for best value deals or just phone us.

Category: Smoothies

The minimum order for free delivery is 5 x boxes (50 smoothies/ flavour per box).

This can vary according to area. Please phone to check.

Category: Smoothies

Cost to make a 12 fl oz smoothie :
140g fruit pack (90p) + 200ml cloudy apple juice (30p) = £1.20 / r.r.p £ 3.50 – £4.50

Category: Smoothies

We have seven smoothies in the range each packed with lots of flavour.

Category: Smoothies

Take one of our frozen fruit packs + 200ml of cloudy apple juice and smooth in a blender for forty seconds.

Our smoothies are 100% whole fruit, frozen and packed to our recipe in 140g pouches to make a 12 fl oz serving.

Click on our video ‘how to make a smoothie’ https://youtu.be/bb4a_zWWdeo

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