Warranty & Service of Juice Bar Equipment – Juicers, Coffee Machines, Blenders


All new Cruz The Juice Ltd supplied commercial juicers, coffee machines and blenders are covered by a 12 x months manufacturers’ warranty.

cruz home warranty servicing 12 months

The Kuvings CS600 Commercial Cold Press Juicer motor has a 24 x months warranty.

We choose juice bar equipment for its high degree of reliability.

If a fault does develop we are on hand to help restore the equipment back to its normal working condition, using our own fully trained engineers.

The juice bar equipment is covered for all major faults including motor, electronics, refrigeration or gearing failure.

Repairs will be fixed free of charge, usually within 48 hours.

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear items, accidental damage or incorrect operation.

Wearable items not covered by warranty: blades, graters, knives, sieves, blender jars, peel ejectors etc .

Servicing / Extended Warranty

cruz home warranty servicing 12 months

Operators with potentially high volume throughput are often concerned about service cover for their commercial juicers in the 2nd year and onwards.

We offer service contracts and this will be based on the juicer and throughput and this can be assessed after the first six months of use.

Throughput can, of course, vary enormously & some users may need to put 100 kilos of fruit and veg through their juicer each day and others far less.

This does not apply to most cafes as the equipment is designed to handle standard volumes for at least three years without any problems.

Required servicing & replacements

  • Coffee water filters need to be changed annually.
  • Coffee espresso & bean to cup machines require annual servicing.
  • Replace juicer graters, knives, blades, filters immediately when damaged or blunt. Never force fruit through a juicer.
  • Replace blender jars every 12-18 months.