Top tips on how to choose the best commercial juicer for your cafe – the do’s and don’ts

How many times has a customer walked into a café and asked for a fresh orange juice only to be served with a juice out of a carton?

The cafe owner, remembering he’s been asked quite a few times before, decides to solve the problem by getting an orange juicer.

But the choice of commercial juicers is bewildering and prices vary wildly.

Choosing simply by budget is not the answer because it tells you nothing about juicer performance or reliability.

The best indicator is reading the commercial juicer specification and importantly, customer reviews.

Nothing is more important than reading about another buyer’s experience of the seller and the product.

Although we are talking here about commercial citrus juicers, the same principal applies to any juicer purchase.

Here is a do’s & don’ts guide to avoiding the pitfalls


tick icon Do buy from a reputable UK juicing equipment supplier as they will be specialists in their field, will have juicing sector experience, and will be knowledgeable on the equipment & its operation.
tick icon Do ask the supplier’s advice in choosing the right size model for your outlet.
tick icon Do read reviews of customers’ experience regarding the model & the supplier.


 Don’t buy a juicer because it’s the cheapest then expect it to be reliable or even do a decent job. Chances are it will not.
 Don’t buy without assessing the seller. You will be relying on them for breakdowns & the supply of spare parts.
X   Don’t think all juicers that look the same are the same. Reliability and finish varies enormously and cannot be judged by a picture alone.
X   Don’t buy from a seller who is based outside the UK as they be unlikely to be able to fulfil an efficient service in the event of a juicing machine breakdown.
X   Don’t buy from a seller where standard lead time is 5-7 days or more. This may indicate the seller is outside of the UK which could result in delivery delays.
 Don’t think spending the least amount reduces overall risk, it increases it. Have you found a commercial juicer at an unbelievably low price? Consider why this company can sell the same machine at such a cheap price. Alarm bells should be ringing!
X   Don’t go to the other extreme and buy the most expensive juicer. Best buys often can be found somewhere between the bottom and top price.

These are genuine online reviews about the companies selling these cheaper juicers …

Cheap commercial juicer   Cheap commercial juicer 2

“The people who bought these commercial juicers have something in common. They based their buying decision solely on price & didn’t read the reviews.”
“I have never in over 40 years of trading dealt with such a dysfunctional bunch in all my life, would never deal with them again and certainly would not recommend them to anyone.”
“Tried to return it and they kept asking for video and after video. Their “30 day money back” is a scam.”
“I wouldn’t even give them one star…”
“I tried this juice machine . This is not for commercial use . Very cheap plastic used to make the parts.”
“Everything is made to look like a UK site, but once you get the confirmation email you realise it’s a Chinese company.”
“I don’t recommend this product at all.”

Buy from juicing specialists who deliver what they promise, and at a great price!

Cruz the Juice Ltd has been supplying commercial juicers with an emphasis on after-sales service for over 30 years.

If you are looking for a high performance, reliable commercial juicer for your café, and at a competitive price, give us a call on 01483 808160 or visit our website for further information on our product range.