Commercial soft serve ice cream machines

We supply complete packages comprising of equipment and ingredients for making the finest ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Our soft serves deliver a ‘whippy’ or ‘swirl’ style product which is usually served in a cone or a pot.

The soft serves range in capacity from 30 to 600 portions per hour, which covers most needs from the small café through to the largest site.

In more recent times soft serves have become even more important because of the popularity of frozen yogurt, milkshakes and waffles.

FYI vanilla ice cream is used as the base for milkshakes and ice toppings for waffles etc.

Our ice cream & frozen yogurt ingredients are packed for Cruz in Italy, which is known worldwide as the home of the finest ice cream.

Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt machines

Soft serves that provide the perfect delivery system for ice cream and frozen yogurt. Control panels with light touch controls and LED display. Counter models covering all capacity requirements. Rent to buy available.

Ice Cream

Ingredients are sourced from Italy where they make the finest ice cream. Available in six flavours, packed in convenient sizes of 800g – 1kg . Long shelf life & instantly available to use without the need to thaw..

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt powder ingredients packed for Cruz in Italy where the quality is the best. Available in normal and sugar free versions. Long shelf life & instantly available to use without the need to thaw.