Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

We stock a wide variety of commercial espresso coffee machines to suit all outlets from our value and premium range.

Each espresso coffee machine will make the full range of coffees: latte, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha etc.

Our coffee equipment packages include delivery, installation, training and a generous starter pack.

Value Range – New Eclipse Espresso Coffee Machines

The Eclipse espresso range with their new updated styling look impressive on any back bar.

Incorporating excellent features normally found only on more expensive models.

Premium Range – Synchro Espresso Coffee Machines

The Synchro espresso machine range has an excellent pedigree: designed by the barista champion David Makin and built in Italy.

Its two main features are stable espresso brew temperatures and outstanding styling.

The range incorporates a generous cup storage area and a 12 second auto-clean cycle.

Synchro Premium Espresso Coffee Machines are available in a range of colours.

Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine redSynchro Espresso Coffee Machine black Synchro Espresso Coffee Machine whiteSynchro Espresso Coffee Machine chrome

Bean To Cup Espresso Coffee

Coffee Bean Grinders

Grinding Tip

Grinding coffee beans accurately is critical to achieving the right taste.

Think of it like grains of sand : too large and the water will run through too quickly;

too small and it becomes compacted & the water will not pass through quickly enough.

The ideal extraction time for a double shot is between 20 – 30 seconds.

Coffee Beans Wholesale

In conjunction with our partners, Coffee Select, we supply over 70 different types of coffees ethically sourced from all over the World.

See a list of eight of our best coffee beans