Increase your plant based menu with 100% fresh juices.

Choose from the best cold press commercial orange and multi-juicers on the market.

They are fast, efficient and simple to use. Ideal for the busy café , juice bar, deli, hotel & supermarket.

Commercial Orange Juicers

Citra Cruz juicers will squeeze a glass of the sweetest tasting orange juice in less than fifteen seconds. Simple to operate & clean the juicer is ideal for cafes, restaurants & bars. Rent to buy option.

Cold Press Juicers

The Kuvings CS600 is the only commercial juicer on the market suitable for the busy cafe using the superior cold press method of squeezing. A complete multi-juicer providing exceptional taste & extraction.

Centrifugal Juicers

Centrifugal extractors are quick and traditionally popular in juice bars for making fruit & vegetable juices. A high speed grating disc shreds the produce separating the juice and waste by centrifugal force.