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What was the fresh juice scene like thirty years ago when we started?

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Up to 1987 there was little fresh juice available in the UK market and smoothies were unknown.
The average person consumed only 40% of the daily recommended fruit & vegetables.

Fast food and sugary soft drinks were dominant and there was little focus on using fresh ingredients.
Cafes, hotels and supermarkets mostly stocked long life orange juice.

The orange juice was cheap, poor quality and nutritionally inferior in comparison to the real thing.
It is still available but it has been superseded in more recent times by better quality fruit juices.

However, nothing compares to freshly squeezed orange made a few moments before on a juicer.
The quality cannot be beaten.


Richard Garrick , the Managing Director, entered the juice market during 1987 and coming from a citrus background decided to offer something a lot fresher.
This took the form of promoting onsite juicing and the squeezing of whole fresh oranges in front of the customer.

This was unheard of in the UK and represented a big leap in orange juice quality.
As UK distributor of the Automatic Juicer USA, the system of juicer rental with the supply of juicing oranges was first developed.

Richard quickly became a dominant player gaining contracts with Sainsbury’s, deli’s, cafes and many top four and five star hotels throughout the country.
Since then and due to heightened awareness of improving diets, the ‘Cruz juicing packages’ are unsurprisingly more popular than ever.

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Now – a wider range

In the last thirty years we have expanded the product range considerably.

We now offer more fresh choices, more equipment & ingredient packages to appeal to a new wider audience.

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Next step

If you have a cafe, restaurant or bar or you are about to open, why not visit us in our showroom in Guildford for a tasting session?

Call us now 01483 808160 to book an appointment. We’d love to hear from you!

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