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We help cafes make the best tasting fresh drinks and desserts through our complete equipment & ingredients packages.

Having a menu and a quality that customer’s love is the essence of any outlet.

Better taste can only be achieved through the interplay of the right equipment and ingredients. Each contributing 50% to the taste.

Before bringing a product to market, Cruz spends several years market testing and comparing with products already available.

With our close relationship with ingredient packers in Europe and our unique recipes we like to think we can beat most tastes on a like for like basis.

We have a showroom in Guildford so why not come and see how to achieve a higher quality in the shortest time.

Book an appointment for a taste test and see what you think!

Frozen Yogurt

Cruz ingredients frozen yogurt ice cream

Frozen yoghurt is an excellent alternative to traditional ice cream with its scrumptious ‘lemony’ taste. Available in both standard and sugar free options & packed in 800g-1 kg bags. Simply mix ingredients with milk or water. Typically serve in a pot and top with fruit puree or fruit.

Ice Cream

Vanilla and lots of different flavours to make delicious Italian ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet & slush. Packed in Italy for Cruz, they are superior in taste to those found in cash ‘n’ carry. Choice of eight flavours in 800g – 1kg packs & mix with milk or water.


Cruz ingredients milkshakes

Real fruit purees for flavouring milkshakes. Concentrated so only one pump of the dispense is required. Six different flavours packed in 1 kg bottles (except dark Italian chocolate) flavouring 34 milkshakes. Easiest way to make the perfect milkshake.


Cruz ingredients fresh frozen smoothie fruit

Cruz smoothie fruit is ‘picked-to-frozen’ in 2 ½  hours to lock-in goodness. Range of seven flavours in 140g packs to make the perfect 12 fl oz smoothie. For best results, mix one Cruz pack with 200ml cloudy apple juice and blend for 40 seconds.

Coffee Beans

Cruz ingredients coffee beans

We supply over 70 different types of coffee bean ethically sourced from the best growing areas of the World. In conjunction with our coffee partners ‘Coffee Select’ we offer showroom tastings so cafés can choose their perfect blend.

Juicing Oranges

Cruz ingredients citrus juicing oranges

Cruz oranges are chosen for juicing characteristics of flavour, colour and yield. The fruit is packed in 15-16kg cardboard cartons & tested to make sure only the sweetest fruit make the grade. Weekly deliveries across London and the south-east.