Commercial Juice Supplier – Juicing Oranges

Cruz The Juice Ltd is a leading commercial juice supplier of juicing oranges.  We supply juicing oranges from the best citrus growing areas of the World: the Mediterranean, Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

Cruz orange fruit is picked for flavour, colour and juice yield. The fruit is constantly tested for sugar and acidity levels to ensure only the sweetest fruit is chosen. External appearance of the orange is of little importance as it’s only the juice and fruit cells that are released during the squeezing process.

cruz citrus juicing

Growing region, soil conditions and climate play an all important part and areas with good rainfall will produce ‘heavier’ fruit with greater amounts of juice.You can find both ‘good’ and bad’ oranges from the same country & choosing from the best areas is a key part of our service.

The smaller sized Valencia Late variety is regarded as the best orange for juicing and this accounts for the majority of our deliveries, although other excellent varieties such as Baladi & Salustiana are also used during the course of the year.

Cruz deliver throughout the South East of England and we invite you to join our Juicing Club and take advantage of our expertise and volume buying.

We offer a full range of commercial juicer machines as well as Special Offer Packages which includes fruit ingredients.  Check out our latest range today!

cruz citrus juicing