Commercial Smoothie Supplies

Cruz smoothies are 100% whole fruit, frozen and packed to our recipe in 140g pouches to make a 12 fl oz serving.

Every smoothie is made from ripe ‘nutritionally rich’ fruit which is full of healthy vitamins and minerals.

Using our pre-pack pouches simplifies production & achieves excellent results every time.

We have 7 x delicious fruit smoothies in the range:-

Cruz Smoothies

cruz smoothie ingredients cups blank

Point of Sale

Berry Creek

cruz smoothie ingredients cups berry creek

90 pence each

Mango Mission

cruz smoothie ingredients cups brazilian current

90 pence each

Pineapple Express

90 pence each

Passion Springs

cruz smoothie ingredients cups passion springs

90 pence each

Strawmelon Sierra

cruz smoothie ingredients cups strawmelon sierra

90 pence each

Pebble Peach

cruz smoothie ingredients cups pebble peach

90 pence each

Papaya Beach

cruz smoothie ingredients cups passion springs

90 pence each

Green Juices & Smoothies

from 30p each

Cold Press Juices / Green Smoothies

Green smoothies & green juices taste best made from fresh ambient produce & not from frozen ingredients.

Fruits freeze well but vegetables with their more delicate flavours lose much of their taste in the freezing process.

That’s why we recommend using the Kuvings CS600 commercial cold press juicer which produces excellent results and is easy to use.

Not only are the green juices / smoothies far superior in taste but they’re cheaper to make and the options far wider (see cold press menu).

Nationwide Delivery

  • FREE delivery on 5 x box smoothie order
  • For smaller orders : 4 x boxes add £12.50 + VAT / 3  x  boxes add £25.00 + VAT

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