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Cruz coffee beans

In conjunction with our partners, Coffee Select, we supply over 70 different types of coffees, ethically sourced from all over the World.

Try our excellent range & compete with high street chains in terms of taste & quality.

Beans – eight of the best

Chateau – £12.50 /kg . Packed 12 x 500g

Brazilian, Costa Rican & Kenyan high grade arabica beans blended with Ugandan robusta.
Brings a wonderful smoothness and a lovely thick crema on an espresso.

Italia – £11.66 /kg . Packed 6 x 1kg

A dark roast, full bodied blend with high mountain arabicas and tropical robusta.
Oily to touch and perfect for espressos and cappuccinos.

MIYA Fairtrade Organic Carbon Offset – £16.00 /kg . Packed 12 x 500g

Pure arabica coffee grown on the lush mountain sides of the Colombian highlands. Full bodied with a slight acidity,
richly flavoured and one of the finest anytime drinking coffees.

Rougemont Fairtrade Organic – £15.47 /kg . Packed 12 x 500g

Arabica beans from Honduras and Ethiopia blended with Indian robusta.  This coffee good levels of acidity  with subtle nuances of fruit making a great espresso blend.

Espresso – £9.57 /kg . Packed 6 x 1kg

With a lovely depth of flavour, this espresso blend provides a great crema and taste at any time of the day.

Firenze – £10.99 /kg . Packed 5 x 1kg

Aromatic and flavourful beans from Central and South America, roasted for a smooth and fruity, bright coffee.  Perfect for all espresso based drinks.

Leonardo – £13.25 /kg . Packed 12 x 500g

An intense and complex blend, smoky in character with notes of liquorice, dark chocolate and tobacco, complimented by a dense, syrupy body. South and Central, African and Indian beans.

MIYA Swiss Water Decaf – £21.91 /kg . Packed 12 x 500g

Fairtrade and organic, these beans are smooth, mild and sweet. Medium bodied with mild acidity and a slightly burnt sugar sweetness.

Coffee packages from £25 + VAT per week

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Macap M5D Plus Digital Coffee Bean Grinder

Macap M5D Plus Digital Coffee Bean Grinder

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Grinding Tip

Grinding coffee beans accurately is critical to achieving the right taste.

Think of it like grains of sand : too large and the water will run through too quickly;

too small and it becomes compacted & the water will not pass through quickly enough.

The ideal extraction time for a double shot is between 20 – 30 seconds.

Cruz coffee beans
Cruz coffee beans
Cruz coffee beans
Cruz coffee Rainforest Alliance
Cruz coffee Fairtrade