Commercial Cold Press Juicers

Kuvings CS600 Cruz Cold Press Juicer

Convert produce into incredible tasting cold press juices and green smoothies.

No juicer comes close to the performance of the Kuvings CS600 commercial cold press juicer.

It has unrivaled performance & provides:-

  • The highest extraction – 25% – 33% more than centrifugal juicers
  • Large profit margins – making up to 10 times the profit in comparison to selling the produce
  • Low oxidation – doesn’t add air to the juice (aeration deteriorates vitamins and shelf life)
  • Operates 24 hours a day – a true workhorse
  • Makes up to 40 litres per hour (fresh apple juice)
  • Juices all fruit and vegetables (‘broad leaf’ greens & root ginger – notoriously difficult on other juicers)
  • Superior tasting juice – just the best
  • More juicer for your money – compares with juicers costing 2-5 times more

Cruz Cold Press Juicing Cruz Cold Press Juicing

Cruz Cold Press Juicing Cruz Cold Press Juicing

Juicing Tip

Green smoothies or juices taste best made from fresh ambient produce and not from frozen ingredients.
Green produce and vegetables have delicate flavours which are largely lost after freezing. However, fruit with their stronger flavours freeze well.

The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the healing vitamin & it helps boost the body’s defence and reduce cold type symptoms.

Everyone needs Vitamin C daily & it is present in oranges, kiwifruit, berries and many other fresh fruits and vegetables.

The importance of Vitamin C cannot be overestimated in supporting the body’s immune system.

Prep Tip

Do I remove the skin before juicing or blending?

Very simple rule : If you don’t normally eat the skin, remove before juicing or blending and vice versa.

e.g. Pineapple remove skin; apples leave as they are.

Don’t forget to remove large stones / kernels, otherwise it will damage the machine.

Kuvings CS600 Cold Press Juicer in Paris

Kuvings CS600 Cold Press Juicer Guide