6 different flavours of Fresh Frozen Smoothie Fruit.  A special recipe of mixed frozen fruits creating an outstanding smoothie every time.

Using our pre-pack smoothie fruit pouches reduces production time, wastage & space required.

Just pour the frozen smoothie fruit pouch + 200ml of cloudy apple juice into the blender jar and whizz for 40 seconds.

6 Fresh Frozen Smoothie Fruit Flavours in the pack:

1 box x Berry Creek
1 box x Mango Mission
1 box x Pineapple Express
1 box x Papaya Beach
1 box x Strawmelon Sierra
1 box x Pebble Peach

Each box packed with 50 x 140g pouches of one flavour
A pouch makes a 12 fl oz smoothie.
Dimensions of box: 38cm (l) x 26cm (w) x 21cm (h)