Nutrifaster N450 Centrifugal Extractor

The Nutrifaster has been around since the beginning of time in the USA. It’s a popular choice for all American juice bars and juice bars across the World because of its simple reliable, now retro looking design.

It has been copied many times particularly in China but never equalled in performance or matched in juice yields to the original. The Nutrifaster doesn’t achieve its yields through rpm speed but through its effective blade design and manufacture.

If there is any drawback it’s the initial cost of the juicer in comparison to European models and the cost of spare parts.

This juicer is a true workhorse and will cope with the busiest site untiringly.

  • Cadillac of extractors
  • Popular with Juice Bars in the USA
  • Classic American styling
  • Tube ejects waste below counter
  • 3450 rpm
  • 30.5cm x 30.5cm x 47cm