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  • 4 in 1 Frozen Yogurt

The YogCruz 4 in 1 – Great Tasting Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, Sorbet & Slush

The YogCruz 4 in 1 is a new generation soft serve machine with impressive touch-screen controls giving it great flexibility and allowing it to handle four different delicious products: frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbet and slush.

It has several advantages over a traditional ice cream soft serve in terms of its smaller footprint, greater visual impact (ability to see the product in the bowls) and its lower capital cost.

4 in 1 Double Frozen Yogurt MachineAlthough it has a lower output than many of the larger ice cream machines it still knocks-out an impressive 60 x portions per hour. This is the equivalent of £150 per hour in sales, which is more than ample for most outlets.

Price wise the Italian made YogCruz 4 in 1 double bowl (two flavours) is half the price of other well-known branded single soft serve machines. An important plus in its favour.

Operationally the YogCruz 4 in 1 is simple to use and the product is made by mixing the YogCruz powder packed in a 800g-1kg bag with milk or water. One bag fills one bowl and it takes approximately 45 minutes to freeze.

As sales are being made throughout the day, more product can be added and the new mix takes only about 10-15 minutes to reach serving temperature as the bowl is already at freezing temperature.

There are lots of YogCruz flavours to choose from ranging from natural frozen yogurt to strawberry, wild fruits, chocolate, coffee, mango, vanilla and cappuccino.

The taste is outstanding and certainly a match for the best you can find in the dedicated froyo bars across the country.


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