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Where to locate a new juice and smoothie bar?

To run a successful juice bar outlet offering juices, smoothies, frozen yogurts and health snacks, it needs to be in a location that is prominent, accessible, and in a high foot traffic area that is going to attract the right audience.

Assess your location according to:-


Decide on your target audience.  The target audience for fresh natural products is middle-class income earners.

Your customers are people who will care more about the quality of ingredients, visual appeal and consistency of the product, than the quantity or price.  It’s surprising how many potential shop owners overlook the very simple fact that passing trade has to be interested in buying what you have to offer.

There needs to be high foot traffic at the times you need to be busy. Generally, there are up to three main trading periods during the day i.e. breakfast, lunchtime and going home time.  You must be busy in at least two of these periods. Very few places can survive on trading in just one period


Overheads, project sales and profit figures.  Rent & rates will account for a large chunk of your overheads. Pay too little and it’s quite likely you will get very little trade. Pay too much and it will be a fatal burden on your business.

Striking the right balance between passing foot traffic and rent is key. You will need to do a business plan projecting sales, overheads, profit and break-even figures.

Shop frontage

The wider shop fronts lead to greater sales! Shop frontage is important as a wider shop front will give greater visibility to passing trade, leading to greater sales.


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