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Top Tips on Buying A Great Commercial Juicing Machine

There are many makes and models of commercial juicing machines to choose from, so how do you know you’re buying the right ‘automatic’ orange juicing machine to suit the demands of your business?

The term ‘automatic’ refers to the type of juicing machine that cuts and squeezes the fruit automatically, as opposed to having to cut the fruit yourself and pressing over a rotating reamer, which is slow and laborious.

Features to Look Out For

1. For durability, choose a stainless steel automatic orange juicer over a mainly plastic finish.

2. If you’re planning to make over 20 x glasses per day, invest in a Citrus juicer with a fruit hopper which is able to hold & feed 10kgs- 18kgs of oranges.

3. Opt for model with a tap if you’re planning to fill bottles or lots of cups/glasses

4. A juicer with a clear door is a must as the customer must be able to see the orange being squeezed as this is a major selling point.

Juicers To Avoid

1. Cheap orange juicers that flatten the orange, which affects the taste of the orange juice and produces bitter peel oil. This is not pleasant and the juicing machines that use this process are cheap and unreliable.

2. A few of the big brands have released smaller automatic juicers which take less counterspace.  A great idea to have a nice compact machine, but these juicers have proven to be unreliable due to their smaller and lighter parts.

3. Expensive automatic orange juicers with ‘’all singing and dancing’’ features.  These generally    have lots of electronics which allow the operator to control the juicer however on the down-side there is a high initial cost and often the electronic components fail after a time requiring costly repairs.

As a leading supplier of commercial juice and smoothie bar equipment for more than 30 years, you can feel reassured that we really do know ‘our stuff’!  In fact, we are so committed to improving the standards in our sector that we decided to raise the bar and build our own brand juicer that delivers what it promises, and more.  Better for the customer, and better for business!

The Citra Cruz range of commercial cold press juicers are built to our own specification and are sold under the Cruz brand, offering the best all-round value, whilst producing the most amazing juice you will ever taste, along with exceptional efficiency levels, making a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in less than 15 seconds.

The easy to clean stainless steel finish is superior to plastic finishes used by other manufacturers, as it will gleam and look new for years. With solid internal gears & non-brittle squeezing parts Citra Cruz citrus juicers are built to last. Citra Cruz citrus juicers are available in a wide variety of models to suit every application and type of outlet.Key Features of Citra Cruz Juicing Machines• Body finished in stainless steel – a juicer that looks good on any counter

  • Perfectly spaced squeezing heads providing a sweeter juice
  • Serrated cutting knife for halving the orange, which stays sharper for longer
  • Clear plastic door so customers can see the orange bring squeezed
  • A workhorse juicer that will squeeze 24 hours a day

Find out more about the Citra Cruz range.  We offer juicing machines as stand-alone purchases or rentals, or you can take advantage of our great value special offer start-up packages, highly recommended if you are looking to provide the full juicing and smoothie service offering.  For further information, please visit www.cruzsmoothies.co.uk or call 01483 808160 where we will be happy to chat through your requirements and provide some options and pricing.