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Cruz smoothies make the best tasting smoothies due to our excellent recipes and high quality ingredients.

Cruz smoothies are 140g packs of 100% whole frozen fruit, mixed to recipe and ready to use to make a 12 fl oz smoothie.

Cruz smoothies are quick & easy to make : pour the fruit into the blender jar with 200ml of cloudy apple juice & whizz for 40 seconds. Delicious!

We pack 50 x smoothies per box (one flavour per box) and deliver throughout the UK every week.

Cruz Menu 7 Smoothies

Ingredient Info
Cruz fruit is picked at the height of the season when ripe and nutritionally at its best.
It is then frozen instantly to seal in the goodness of the fruit.
This method achieves a better tasting smoothie than fruit from the local wholesale/supermarket which is often sold underripe.

Tropical fruits are a vital ingredient for smoothies yet these fruits are generally picked early and sold ‘hard’ & immature so they last longer.
However tropical fruits need to mature on the tree to achieve full nutritional potential.
This is why fruits picked, prepared and IQF frozen (individually quick frozen) on the same day in the country of origin are superior.

A Cruz smoothie is made from ripe ‘nutritionally rich’ fruit which is blended from frozen, giving an ideal serving temperature.