Point of Sale Menus

Cruz The Juice go all out to provide the best in point of sale materials.

Cruz have an excellent library of professional images of all the products in our range. Our in-house design team can add your branding to any of our library shots to ensure customers make the connection that YOU are offering these delicious drinks.

We can provide images in any format to create wall menus, table top menus, outside boards, tent cards and window signage. We can even cover a whole wall with fruit if you really want to make a statement about your new smoothie or juice bar offering!


Cruz POS Design

cruz-140214745cruz-243580102cruz-245020531cruz-103275509cruz-178779359cruz-258070964cruz-248630998cruz-183828182cruz-253956013cruz-188325017cruz-23000551cruz-145988573cruz-225077788cruz-132530963cruz-197081468cruz-225077788cruz-4851703cruz-172467251cruz-190176482cruz-256618996 cruz-menu-chalkboard-bmp-60x75 cruz-menu-chalkboard-bmps-60x75 cruz-menu-chalkboard-bmppsp-60x75 cruz-menu-chalkboard-bmppspb-60x75 Cruz POS Smoothies Cruz POS Frozen Yogurt Cruz POS Mountains Cruz POS Berry Creek SmoothieCruz POS Frozen Yogurt Cruz POS Papaya Beach Smoothie Cruz POS smoothie tent cardCruz POS Orange Juice Cruz POS Milkshakes and Smoothies Cruz POS Green Juices Cruz POS Orange Juice Cruz POS Orange Juice Cruz POS Green Juices


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