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Citra Cruz Commercial Juicers

The Best Commercial Juicers on the Market

Citra Cruz commercial juicers are unrivalled in terms of quality and value for money.

Citra Cruz juicers are fast and efficient citrus juicers allowing the operator to make a delicious glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in less than 15 seconds.

The easy to clean stainless steel finish is superior to plastic finishes used by other manufacturers, as it will gleam and look new for years. With solid internal gears & non-brittle squeezing parts Citra Cruz citrus juicers are built to last. Citra Cruz citrus juicers are available in a wide variety of models to suit every application and type of outlet.

With high visual impact customers will easily see that fresh oj is being served.

Seeing is Believing!

The Citra Cruz Juicer has exceeded all expectations. Our customers love the concept of seeing the oranges juiced in front of them and makes our shop smell amazing! A simple machine to use and maintain and is certainly an asset to our business.
– Louise Brett, Green Grocers, Norfolk

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Regular Volume Orange Juicers – 10S with feed chute

Citra Cruz 10S Citrus Juicer
£1775 + VAT / Rent £15.77 + VAT per week

The Citra Cruz 10S maybe the smallest model commercial juicer in the range but it is one of the fastest juicers on the market. It’s also efficient taking approximately 4 x juicing oranges and 15 [...]

Medium Volume Orange Juicers – 20S with hopper

Citra Cruz 20S Citrus Juicer
£2230.00 + VAT / Rent £19.81 + VAT per week

The Citra Cruz 20S makes the sweetest juice quickly & it’s ideal for the busy café / restaurant / deli / hotel The model has additional features which include a 11kg. automatic fruit hopper [...]

High Volume Orange Juicers – 30S with hopper

Citra Cruz 30S Citrus Juicer
£3320.00 + VAT / Rent £29.50 + VAT per week

High volume orange juicer – Citra Cruz 30S with hopper (as shown) Citra Cruz 30S - Commercial Juicer The Citra Cruz 30S Commercial Juicer is the fastest model in the Citra Cruz range making [...]

High Volume Self Service Citrus Juicers