Cruz Milkshakes

Milkshake flavours with real fruit

Strawberry  *  Chocolate  *  Coconut  *  Peach  *  Berrylicious  *  Lime

Our flavours are made from real fruit so they make perfect milkshake.

They are not like the sugary syrups of the past but made from high quality ingredients.

All flavours come in a 1 kg bottle except for our chocolate powder (dark Italian) packed in a 1kg tin.

How to make the ideal milkshake

To make a 12 fl oz serving:-
Pour 200ml milk into blender jar

Add 3 x scoops of vanilla ice cream
Add milkshake flavouring – just a slurp
Blend on slow speed for 10 seconds


Westberry Q Blender
Ideal for making a milkshake