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If you are considering setting up a Fresh Juice Bar Business or a Smoothie Bar you will want to make sure it’s a success from the start.

Focus on the basics, do some market research and create a business plan.

1. Location

You have heard it many times before I’m sure, but where you choose to set up your juice or smoothie bar really is the most important factor in guaranteeing success. You have to put on your entrepreneurial hat and say, ‘ Will that product sell here ?’  What type of area is it – is it a location that has a good density of people with disposable income?

2. Customer Base

Who is your target audience?  What type of people are passing by in your chosen location?

To make your business profitable, you will need to sell a good volume of fresh juices & smoothies so we recommend you consider the following segments of people in your target customer base:-

University students
Gym users
Office workers
Professional classes
You don’t need all of these groups but you’ll certainly need at least one of them.

3. Footfall Potential

a good volume of foot traffic passing the outlet is vital. You need to aim for minimum average sales of £200-£300 per day, which equates to 70 – 100 customers per day. What proportion of passing foot traffic will stop will depend on whether they come from one of the above groups and the level of local competition e.g. cafe / sandwich shops, supermarkets etc.

4. Initiating Behaviour Change

Most people have a routine and often frequent a preferred place to buy their breakfast or lunch etc.  In order to attract new business, you will need to work hard to change peoples’ routines and you can do this by giving them a more attractive option than the local shops and cafes. You need to differentiate your offering from your competition.  Look at what’s missing in an area and think how you can plug the gap.

In the next blog we’ll be discussing business basics:-

  • Business plan
  • Rent
  • Menu
  • Equipment