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  • Business Plan Basics

Following on from our last blog, ‘How to Set Up a Successful Juice Bar Business’, we have outlined below some key elements of the business that will require some planning before you get started. Putting a business plan together can seem like a daunting task. but it doesn’t have to be that complex.

Outlining Your Business Goals

In its simplest form your business plan could be something as simple as:

‘I’m setting-up a juice bar cafe in town because we don’t have one and I’ve found the perfect location with high footfall. The total overheads are £500 per week and the gross profit per drink is £1.75 and therefore I need to sell 41 drinks per day to break even. 1,000 pass everyday so I need only 4.1% of passers-by to come into the cafe to buy a drink.’

The amount of information in the business plan is dependent on how much money you want to raise, and the intended audience e.g. the bank, investors or just you.

If you have your own finances the business plan is likely to be very brief but if the project is going to cost initially £50k-100k then a detailed plan will be required as you will need to satisfy investors with the viability of the project.

Defining Costs

‘Costs’ are defined as any costs associated with the setting up and running of the business, such as:

  • Refurbishment – shop fitting, builders, signage, plumbing
  • Equipment – juicers, coffee machine, back bar, under-counter
  • Rent – deposit and quarterly payments
  • Council tax (rates)
  • Wages
  • Electricity

Sales Forecasts

On the other side of the coin costs will be offset against sales.

The easiest way of forecasting sales is by breaking down the numbers to a daily / hourly figure.
In conclusion you should show a calculation such as this:-

Total sales predicted for week 1 £……………
Total costs for week £…………….
Net profit predicted for week 1 £…………….
This should be done for the first 52 weeks from opening.

For borrowing larger amounts most lenders will want to see projected figures for year 2 and 3. Sales should be higher as the business becomes more established with costs remaining the same.

Although these are projected figures normal practice is to be conservative with sales (sales that can be easily achieved).

Rent Outlay

We’re often asked ‘the landlord is quoting a rent of £……. is this OK?

Similar to buying a house you have to compare it to other properties in the area to know whether it’s competitive or not.

Turn a corner in the street and values could be higher or lower by a considerable amount. A location off the high street will be cheaper but it might only do 1/3 of the business that a shop on the high street will achieve. Recognising a good deal is all part of the skill of knowing the balance between footfall and rent.

As a rough guide yearly rent should be between £15k-£30k and it is not likely you will have a viable business paying above or below this amount.

Juice Bar Menu

Once you have found the location you have to work-out what you will be offering your customers.

We can help with the fresh juices, smoothies, frozen yogurts and coffee, but have you considered offering food alongside the juice menu, such as sandwiches, paninis and wraps?

A good menu is one that gives customers what they want, and outlets offering food and drink will generally achieve far higher sales. Think like a customer and add snacks and meals that you like, or that you know will have a wide appeal.

Juice Bar Equipment

Once you’ve found your outlet, this is where we can really help.

Cruz equipment packages are ideal because they cover all the ‘fresh’ areas that customers love: cold press juices, smoothies, milkshakes, coffee, frozen yogurt and ice cream. They’re available on rent to buy lease over 36 x months so they won’t bite into your general budget and importantly you’re only having to deal with one company.

Ingredients and equipment have been carefully put together to provide the best taste and efficiency using our 30 years’ of knowledge in the industry.

We believe we have the best tasting drinks and desserts, so if you’re planning on setting up a new juice bar business, please do get in touch. Our showroom in Guildford displays all the juicing equipment Cruz offers, and if you wish to make an appointment, you are welcome to taste-test the range of the juices and smoothies on our menus.