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The History of Cold Press Juicing

Large Presses – Batch production

Cold press juicing has its origins in cider and grape presses which have been used since Roman times.

In recent times hydraulic pressure has replaced the hand and foot and quite a few American and European manufacturers make cold juice presses ranging from 40 – 300+ litres per hour capacity.

These presses work by squeezing a cotton bag containing ‘chipped’ fruit or vegetables between two metal plates. The juice is caught in a stainless steel bowl just below the squeezing area.
The juice is bottled and then goes through a process called HPP (an expensive but more natural way of extending shelf-life ).

Despite their large size you can see these presses on the shop floor in the ‘States but usually they are hidden behind the scenes in central production units (CPU) in the UK and Europe.
Prices range from £10,000 – £20,000 and upwards, depending on production capacity.

These larger presses are used for batch production and not for making a few glasses or litres of one type of juice or juice combo.  Therefore they are not suitable for the average cafe or bar.

Kuvings CS600 Cold Press JuicerKuvings CS600 Chef commercial cold press juicer – the first in its class

On the other side of the coin the last decade has seen the appearance of the cold press juicer made for the home. Working on the same principal as a meat mincer, an auger rotates to squeeze the juice out of the fruit or vegetable. It’s simple but effective.

The first manufacturer to successfully make a compact commercial version is Kuvings with their CS600 Chef commercial cold press juicer.  The juicer has motor twice as powerful than the average domestic model and can make up to 40 litres per hour or a glass of fresh juice in 30 seconds.  The advantage of this method is the juicer’s compactness taking no more space than the average blender. Easily fitting onto the average café counter.

The CS600 makes a wonderful pure tasting juice, accepting soft , hard & ‘leafy’ fruit & vegetables. In fact it can juice virtually anything.

You can view the Kuvings CS600 on www.cruzsmoothies.co.uk or phone us on 01483 808160 for more details.