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100% Fresh Juice – is best!

Good quality hotels are having to compete on a world stage in terms of quality and the total experience they have to offer.

Once getting the coffee right was the only concern whereas now customers are judging establishments on a whole range of experiences including whether they offer fresh juices & smoothies.

Some time ago I was speaking to the Purchasing Manager of a hotel chain who only offered their guests long life concentrated orange juice mixed with water, with no fresh option.

The hotel chain was 4 star and the Continental breakfast would have been around £9.50. Not cheap at the time and you would have expected a good quality breakfast for that price.

I explained to the buyer that we supplied commercial juicers on rental with the supply of specially imported juicing oranges. The juicers were automatic & well worth the effort in serving a superb orange juice.

Just the quality you would expect from a 4 star hotel.

The Buyer explained that the long life concentrated orange juice had a 6 month shelf life, unopened, and it cost less than 10p for a 5 fl oz serving.

In my opinion, this juice was the ‘turkey twizzler’ of orange juice quality and, even at the time, it was poor and not worthy of that type of hotel chain.

The buyer asked if we could compete on the price and the shelf life.

The answer was of course, ‘No, we only offer fresh!’.

This, at the time, meant very little to the Buyer and it’s only in the last few years that Buyers have become wise about the trade-off between long shelf-life vs quality.

By Richard Garrick
Richard Garrick is the Director of Cruz The Juice Ltd and has many years of experience in the juice bar sector. For further information on the services and equipment offered by Cruz The Juice, please email info@cruzsmoothies.co.uk or visit cruzsmoothies.co.uk