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Commercial Cold Press Juicers

The Kuvings CS600 Chef Cold Press Juicer produces juice simply in its purest form

Cruz cold press juice   Cruz cold press juice   Cruz cold press juice

The taste of any fruit or vegetable juice comes alive using the age old method of slowly pressing the fruit or vegetable. There is no better way.

The Kuvings CS600 Chef Cold Press Juicer is the first commercial juicer designed to fit into the smallest counter space. It’s a heavy duty & high volume juicer able to cope with the demands of the busy cafe, restaurant or bar.

For the first time an outlet can buy one type of juicer and convert a small section of bar into a profitable juice bar with a minimum amount of investment.

With a 25%+ higher juice extraction rate than a centrifugal juicer, which produces a juice that is truly exceptional on taste, can you really afford not to invest?

Not only is the Kuvings CS600 Chef one of the most efficient commercial juicers currently on the market, it produces juices that look and taste amazing – and it’s this perfect combination that makes it a real winner.

If customer satisfaction, quality, efficiency and ROI are important to your business, then this is one tool you need to invest in.

Kuvings CS600 Chef Commercial Cold Press Juicer

  • Will juice virtually any fruit and vegetable – soft, hard, leafy
  • Extremely efficient extracting 25%+ more juice, leaving a drier waste
  • Superior taste, particularly on delicate flavours
  • Large 88mm feed opening – takes whole apples
  • Will make green juices
  • Reduced juice separation in the glass or bottle
  • Significantly reduced oxidation keeping nutrition content at higher level
  • 3 day chilled shelf life on most juices
  • Will juice a 12 fl oz serving typically in 30 seconds – quicker than making a coffee
  • Makes 40 litres per hour using apples
  • Suitable for Cafe, bars, restaurants, delis, hotels, supermarkets etc.

The CS600 Chef has many distinct advantages and features:-

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Cruz Kuvings Cold Press Juicer fruit box    Cruz fruit box

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