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We are frequently asked which is the best commercial juicer – a centrifugal juicer or a cold press juicer.

For cafes, restaurants or bars the Kuvings CS600 Commercial Cold Press juicer is superior to any centrifugal juicer on the market, and believe me, we know all of them!

So which is better – a centrifugal juicer or a cold press juicer?

The Kuvings CS600 gives a superior taste, higher juice yield and can juice virtually any type of fruit or vegetable you throw in it. The juice is made without air being sucked into the mix and this improves the taste, retains nutritional content and extends shelf life.

Centrifugal juicers on the other hand cannot effectively juice any soft fruits such as strawberries, or leafy greens such as kale.

The centrifugal process involves a grating disk spinning at 3,000 rpm – 15,000 rpm which quickly oxidises the juice causing it to separate in the glass, attacking the nutritional content and overall shortening the shelf life.

You cannot bottle juice from a centrifugal juicer and give it 3 day chilled shelf life, whereas with the juice made on a cold press juicer, you can.

How does the Kuvings CS600 commercial cold press juicer work?

It uses a helical screw which simply pushes the fruit, vegetable or leafy green into a smaller and smaller space squeezing the juice from anything that is fed into the juicing chamber. From a point of power it can crush whole apples very easily. It can produce up to 40 litres per hour (120 x servings per hour) 24 hours per day.

Why are centrifugal juicers still on the market?

They have dominated the market for many years but the market is changing to the higher quality cold press juices that have a purer taste and provide more of nature’s healthy benefits.

What is the marketing advantage for the outlet?

The big selling point is to be able to advertise that you stock 100% fresh cold press juices.

To offer unique and exciting flavours such as Pineapple & Watermelon or Kiwi, Spinach, Kale, Apple and Cucumber will show customers your commitment to taste and freshness.


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