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  • Citra Cruz 20S Orange Citrus Juicer

Medium volume orange juicer – Citra Cruz 20S with hopper (as shown)

Citra Cruz 20S – Commercial Juicer

Citra Cruz 20S citrus juicer Citra Cruz 20S citrus juicer

The Citra Cruz 20S Commercial Juicer is the middle juicer model in the primary three model range.

It has a fruit hopper which holds 11kgs of oranges and it automatically feeds the juicer until empty.

This feature is an advantage for the busier outlet.

Its’ gleaming steel finish is highly attractive and complementary to any back bar.

Key Features

  • Metal tap for accurate filling of cups and bottles
  • Deeper juice tray holding 1 litre of fresh oj
  • Makes a glass of fresh oj in less than 15 seconds – quick
  • Automatically cuts and squeezes, separating juice & peel & excluding bitter peel oil
  • Fruit size – 65mm -81mm
  • Serrated knife – no need to sharpen
  • Removable juice & seed tray for easy cleaning
  • On / off switch
  • Juicer stops when door is removed for safety
  • 11kg hopper feeds fruit automatically to squeezing area
  • 22 fruits per minute
  • 11kg hopper
  • Mid range juicer with automatic feed hopper
  • 46cm(w) x 50cm(d) x 89cm(h)

Attractive bottle rack holding 250ml, 500ml & 1 litre bottles
20S + tap system / 20S + tap system + bottle rack

CitraCruz 20S citrus juicer CitraCruz 20S citrus juicer CitraCruz 20S citrus juicer