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  • Citra Cruz 10S Orange Citrus Juicer

The regular volume orange juicer – Citra Cruz 10S with feed chute (as shown)

Citra Cruz 10S – Commercial Juicer

Citra Cruz 10S citrus juicer   Citra Cruz 10S citrus juicer

The Citra Cruz 10S maybe the smallest model commercial juicer in the range.

It’s size belies its’ speed.  It is one of the fastest juicers on the market, making a glass of fresh orange juice in 15 seconds or less.

It takes approximately 4 of Cruz oranges to make a glass of fresh orange juice.

For operation just stack 4 oranges in the feed chute and switch on the juicer and walk away.

When you return (don’t go too far as it’s quick) the glass will be full of delicious fresh orange juice.

The 10S commercial juicer is easy to use and quick to clean.

Key Features


  • Makes a glass of fresh oj in less than 15 seconds – quick
  • Automatically cuts and squeezes, separating juice & peel & excluding bitter peel oil
  • Fruit size – 65mm -81mm
  • Serrated knife – no need to sharpen
  • Removable juice & seed tray for easy cleaning
  • On / off switch
  • Juicer stops when door is removed for safety
  • Attractive fruit display
  • Feed chute to make a one large glass if fresh oj
  • 22 fruits per minute
  • Smaller size oj machine with big capacity
  • Quality juicer ensuring the finest oj
  • 46cm(w) x 41cm(d) x 83cm(h)