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Buying juicing equipment vs a Cruz Juicing Package

Setting-up a small juice bar within a Cafeteria is both popular with customers and profitable for the outlet.

So which is cheaper and better? The Do-It-Yourself path where you buy some juicing equipment on the Internet & read a juice recipe book to get you started, or should you invest in a professional juicing package that comes with expert guidance and advice from Cruz?

If you want to Do-It-Yourself these are some of the things you will have to consider :-

1. Why are some juicers a few hundred £ pounds and others £1500 – £3000? What’s the difference between cheapest and the most expensive ? Is the cheapest any good? Is the most expensive really necessary?

Power of motor and strength of the blade/ basket will determine cost of the equipment and how many juices per day can be made on the juicer. Juicers fall into three main categories of domestic/light commercial/ heavy duty commercial. Cruz will advise on the right size juicer for your operation.

2. Will the chosen juicer or blender do the job? If you make 20 x glasses in a day will the machine overheat and stop working?

Blenders also fall into three categories of domestic/light commercial/ heavy duty commercial. Domestic machines generally are never robust enough to work in a commercial environment. You need to invest in a commercial juicer that will cope with the volume you are wanting to juice.

3. Who will service the machine and will you be able to get spare parts? What will the ‘down-time’ be?

Cruz repair all their own juicing equipment and response times are 24-48 hours on weekdays.

4. How long will it take to make one juice or smoothie? What will the cost be to make? How much juice should you get from one piece of fruit? What price should you sell at?

Speed is important and a Cruz smoothie takes just 40 seconds to make. Typical selling price £3.50

5. If you don’t juice all the fruit do you have to throw the rest away?

Some fruit and veg is expensive so you can’t afford to lose money. Take a Cruz juicing package and we’ll show you size of menu for variety, achieve consistency & how to keep wastage close to 0%.

6. How many juices and smoothies should you have on the menu to give customers a reasonable choice? Do you use ambient or frozen fruit? Will your juices or smoothies taste any good and will you achieve a consistent quality each & everyday?

The quick answer is setting-up a successful juicing operation large or small is more difficult than it might initially appear. It is easier and cheaper in the long-run to use the specialist services such as Cruz who have over 30+ years’ experience and know all aspects of juicing rather than trying to piece the separate parts together yourself.

A Cruz Juicing Package includes equipment + ingredients + installation + warranty + training + starter pack + point of sale. Complete juice bar equipment packages start from around £30 + VAT per week.