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Add Frozen Yogurt To Your Menu – It’s Easier Than Ever To Make!

A new generation of frozen dispensers has now made it easier and affordable for the average outlet to make and serve a delicious frozen yogurt.

Once the preserve of the dedicated parlour with expensive soft serve equipment it’s now easier than ever to add frozen yogurt to your menu.

The advantage of making it is the lower portion cost (approx 40 pence per 90g portion) and the light fluffy texture, typical of a soft serve machine.

The light lemony taste is wonderful and it can be topped with slices of fresh strawberry, kiwi, or a few a berries or raspberries etc.

YogCruz is a complete package of equipment and ingredients which guarantee and simplify the making of the frozen yogurt.

For example, mixing is made easy with one 800g bag of frozen yogurt powder + 2.5 litres of milk filling one 4 in 1 frozen dispenser bowl , equivalent to 30 x 90g portions. Standard semi-skimmed milk is normally used.

The health aspect of this frozen yogurt comes from the largest ingredient which is the milk and the benefits of milk are well documented from the increase in calcium, vitamin D & potassium etc.

The YogCruz 4 in 1 frozen dispensers are highly adaptable serving ice cream, sorbet, slush and, of course, the frozen yogurt. Lots of flavours are available in the ingredients packs which can be mixed with a base of milk (semi or full fat) or water.

Our range includes the following flavours:-

Natural Frozen Yogurt
Wild Fruits (berries)

Profit margins are good too, costing approx 40 pence per 90g portion to make and normally selling for £2.50.

Jump on board and add frozen yogurt as a delicious dessert option to your menu!  Visit www.cruzsmoothies.co.uk for further information.